Easy Kitchen Storage Solutions

Many people find kitchen storage and organization to be the greatest barrier of having a comfortable and functional home. And the kitchen can make even the most savvy of cleaners and organizers break into a sweat. It can sometimes be difficult to find kitchen storage solutions that are easy and inexpensive use. Although some can be rather expensive there are many solutions that are more budget friendly.

Kitchen utensils are one thing that tends to clutter up drawers and cabinets. You can do away with the butcher’s block and place your big knives in a knife drawer with secure wooden slots making them easy and safe to retrieve. Silver ware and cooking utensils can be stored in drawers and organized in either plastic or wooden organizers. You can also hang hooks near the stove for large spoons and spatulas or if you don’t mind them on the cabinet top then you can use a tall jar or caddy.

Above the stove you can also hang hooks for various pots and pans thus opening up space in cabinets for other items. If you have a coffee pot, store the filters, creamer, etc. either in a cabinet above or near the pot or you can hang up a shelf and place all the items on the shelf. Either way would help keep everything together and out of the way. As for your baking pans, you can hide them away in the small compartment underneath the oven. Or if your oven doesn’t have a compartment then you can use a pan organizer in your cabinets or on a shelf, making them easily accessible.

For your spices, you can also use a hanging spice rack and hang it either on the wall or inside of a cabinet door. You can also use a pullout pilaster in the small space between the cabinets and refrigerator to store a spice rack or even hanging hand towels. Placing a breadbox onto the cabinet or a shelf can provide a good place to keep various breads and chips. And if you keep a lot of vegetables such as onions or potatoes then perhaps a vegetable storage bin would be a good investment. Placing one on the floor in the corner would keep things neat and orderly while providing good storage.

Other kitchen appliances such as a toaster, toaster oven, crock pot, and others you may have lying around can be stored away in cabinets or on shelves. Hanging fruit baskets can be a good place for any fruit you have or any measuring cups or small items you have. Using canisters, jars or Rubbermaid containers for your various beans, rice, flour, sugar or whatever else you may have in easily torn sacks or bags can help keep your lentils or grains fresh, dry and reduce the amount of bugs that may find their way into your cupboard.

A lot of people use disposable napkins for dinner. Instead of keeping them in the bag or just sitting somewhere, why not use a napkin holder? There are many different sizes and types you can find for just about any kind of style or decor. Placing one in the center of the table along with a salt and pepper shaker will make your table more inviting for guests and make mealtimes easier for your family. Also, using a small sugar bowl instead of the large container of sugar will make using sugar easier and will help to keep your sugar cleaner.

Many people live in apartments or small homes that only allow for a small table or bar. If that is the case for you and you don’t have quite enough space for all your condiments on the table why should you be either crowded at the table or have to get up every time you want something. Using a small kitchen cart can solve this problem in several ways. One is that you can place all your condiments, tea pitcher, napkins or desserts on it and thus clearing the table for what is really important, the meal and spending time with your family.

Having limited space in the kitchen can be frustrating but there are many things that you can do to maximize what you have. These are by far not the only things you can do to utilize what space you have. But by starting with these few ideas can give you a nice clean area to work in and make your kitchen a much more enjoyable place to be.

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