Garage Storage Ideas for a One Car Garage

With the home improvement industry’s robust growth over the last 20 years, there has been a rapid increase in the number of companies offering traditional garage storage storage products as well as more niche type products. Having options and choices is a good thing, but for people heading to the local hardware store or shopping online, it’s now more difficult to decide what to buy and which of the many garage storage ideas available will best suit their specific needs.

If you have a smaller two car garage or a one car garage, the challenge is then multiplied because you need to find the perfect solution to fit your space that will still allow you to park the car inside the garage as well as allow for storage space.

If you are looking for garage storage ideas for a one car garage here is a look at some different options to consider:

Overhead Garage Storage Units: because your garage is for one car, garage cabinets, the most popular choice for storage are not likely going to fit on the side walls with a car parked inside. The best way to get additional storage in that case is with overhead storage units. These units will come in many different sizes, from as small as 2′ x 2′ or as large as 4′ x 8′ and they will allow you to store many different types of items. Some storage units will come with accessories on the outside of them that will to hand items like bikes, ladders fishing poles, or other items that have a lot of length to them.

Overhead units can also be adjusted in height which means they can be placed directly above the tracks of the garage door or in the space between the back wall of the garage and where the tracks end. This will allow you to have several units hanging from the ceiling to give you a nice bit of storage space.

Pegboards: one of the keys for storage in a one car garage is finding flatter items that can be placed on a wall. A great idea for storage is a pegboard that will allow you to hang multiple tools in the same place. This will help to keep your tools in good condition and clean instead of laying on shelves or in a box somewhere and they will always be easy to find so you don’t waste time searching for them around the garage.

Garage shelving: while cabinets might not fit on the garage walls, shelving should because you can place it at a higher level than the car more easily and underneath the overhead units. One option for material would be for wire rack shelving. While most people think of that type of shelving for being used inside closets in the home, it can also be used in the garage. Having the wires can allow you to hang longer tools from underneath using the gaps in the wires so you end up with storage on the top and bottom of the unit.

If you have bicycles that need storing or ladders, consider using S-hooks which will allow you to get those items up in the air and off the ground so it is more safe to walk around in the space. S-hooks will allow you to hang bikes upside down suspended from the ceiling so they can be easily taken down when needed.

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