Rattan Storage: Wood as Rustic as Antiques

A few things can match the sheer elegance of an antique. With its rustic vibe, it can add class and aesthetic value to any corner of your home. Remarkably, the same applies to rattan storage. Rattan, tempered and cured to exude a classic appearance, can bring out more character to your home interior. You can choose from a host of storage means, spanning those that carry plants and furniture as well as dedicated fixtures, like benches.

Rattan Storage Baskets

Rattan is predominantly used for decorative baskets that act as multipurpose containers. Given the material’s exquisite design, rattan baskets can also be used as home fixtures, even if they’re not carrying anything.

The baskets are characterized by intricately woven sticks or fibers, creating a slew of patterns, which look pleasing, especially when placed alongside brown objects and areas that sport either a brown or earthy theme.

Wicker Rattan Baskets

A rattan storage basket blends well with wooden objects, particularly those made with wicker, since they are somewhat similar in terms of the appearance they exude. With this, manufacturers created baskets combining both materials. Wicker rattan baskets can sport a minimalistic appearance or display the antique-like look of traditional rattan items, which exemplify their versatility as decorative fixtures.

Rattan and wicker are both durable, so they can carry heavy objects, like potted plants, toys, and a multitude of fixtures and home accessories. They mesh well with most home themes, which is why classy homes usually have at least one basket in the living room.

Rattan Storage Boxes

Multipurpose containers for items at home aren’t only limited to plastic and cardboard boxes. Such boxes are often stowed inside cabinets, since they look too shabby to sit with furniture pieces. This isn’t the case with a rattan storage box. The container, embellished with woven rattan patterns, is as pretty as a picture. Owners wouldn’t be ashamed to mix it with other home fixtures. In fact, they actually welcome the idea, evidenced by numerous living room arrangements.

Rattan Storage Bench

Rattan storage units are products of creativity and fine craftsmanship. The storage bench, however, goes beyond that definition, as it adds practicality to its list of attributes. As its name suggests, the fixture stores lots of small and medium sized objects and functions as a seat for several people. It’s quite a nifty item to have.

Small living rooms and bedrooms benefit from it, since it functions both as a normal bench and a storage box. By setting one in an area, it saves a lot of space and even takes care of clutter. A bench, a box, and a room’s numerous objects take up a lot of space. However, with a rattan storage bench, all of them are contained in one useful storage device. It is perhaps one of the most elegant space saving fixtures you’ll find.

Rattan Laundry Basket

Clothes and footwear, elegant as they may be, look sloppy after one or a series of uses. They look even worse if they are set in unsightly piles for laundry. A rattan basket could make them appear more presentable, even in their disheveled state. The container, stylishly made, appears as lovely as any furniture piece, as it holds a good amount of used clothes to be cleaned. Its carefully constructed frame makes the basket quite pleasing on the eyes.

Large Rattan Baskets

The largest spaces at home usually contain the most number of items and fixtures, meaning a lot of arrangement and customization is involved in making them appear dainty. After all, dens and living rooms won’t draw praises from owners and guests alike, if they aren’t arranged well. Large rattan baskets come into the picture bringing elegance and loads of storage space for large objects or a handful of small things.

The sizable baskets can act as plant holders, given their circumference. They can carry large potted plants, adding even more rustic appeal to the earthy appearance of clay and ceramic pottery. The greens blend perfectly with the baskets’ color. As a result, the room displays an earthy appeal, which is quite relaxing.

Since large rattan baskets are sturdily built, they are also accustomed for outdoor use. They can withstand drastic changes in temperature and can take much physical impact. If tended to routinely, such containers can last for a decade. Best of all, as they age, their rustic appearance adds more appeal. Large rattan baskets are certainly keepers, and, by taking care of them well, they will reward you with a mix of style and function.

Purchasing Rattan Storage Units

Furniture stores – those that specialize in wooden fixtures in particular – are peppered with rattan baskets and boxes. You won’t have any trouble finding more than a few items that suit your home’s design. Some manufacturers also customize their wares, so you can tweak your storage units down to the last detail. Such storage devices are a bit on the expensive side. Some market research, perhaps haggling, can help bring down the selling prices.

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