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Complete your Outdoor Fire Pit with a Fire Pit Screen

Fire pit screens are screens that go over fire pits to keep smoldering embers from escaping. They help a lot with protecting your yard or wooded surroundings from becoming grounds for wild fires, and in so doing, become important pieces of safety gear that every fire pit should be equipped with.

However, fire pit screens (also commonly called fire pit covers) are not only for safety, they can also be for decorative purposes, and many fire pit screens are, in fact, designed with cosmetic effect in mind as well as safety. Fire pit screens are no longer just pieces of metal screen thrown over fires, but are designed to look decorative and beautiful.

If you are planning on buying a fire pit cover for your fire pit, there are a few things to consider first. Here are some of the major things to think about; hopefully, this will help you gather all of the information that you need before you buy!

Fire Pit Cover – Purchase Considerations

First, how big is your fire pit? If your fire pit table is a commercially purchased model, then there might be a fire pit cover designed especially for it already; check on that, and see if there is. If not, you can always buy a fire screen online, which is probably the best place to begin your shopping. Once you figure out what size you need, you can start looking at designs and prices.

As far as design goes, is there anything special that you need? Of course, you probably want your fire pit screen to look good, but do you want a particular look or feel about it? If so, then you may need to do a bit of searching; since this is more of a niche item, you should probably spend a bit more time searching for this than you would, say, if you were actually buying a fire pit! Spending more time on the search for a fire pit cover will result not only in you getting a better screen for what you wanted, but it will also probably result in you paying less… and how can that be a bad thing?

Fire pit covers do come in some brand names, but these names will probably cost more than a generic branded fire screen would. However, name brands are probably going to be of a much higher quality, so do what you want, but if you feel compelled to go with a name brand, rest assured that it will probably last longer and be more reliable.

Also, once you get your fire pit screen, always keep in mind that while there is a fire going, and even after the fire has gone out, that the cover will be very hot. Exercise caution when working around it, because touching it can result in pretty severe burns if it has not gotten sufficient time to cool down.

Other than that, buy the fire pit screen that you want! And while you are at it, get one that looks good as well….I mean, why not?

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