Folding Foam Mattress

There are many benefits of having a folding mattress as they provide an instant and welcoming bed for visitors who you want to feel at home. Folding mattress come in several styles, one of these is the basic folding mattress that folds into three separate sections which are piled one on top of the other as you would fold a business sized letter into an envelope.

Another type is that of the folding mattress which simply folds in half and doesn’t have as much flexibility. Because the folding mattress is constructed of heavy foam and coils it is not as malleable as those folding mattress which are made completely of foam material.

These mattress are very versatile in their use and can be used on trips or for those occasional visitors to your home. These mattresses store with ease and they really come in handy. One unique way to use this mattress is by having only one side of the mattress open creating an instant stool for you to stretch out your legs on. Even hotels have folding mattress in reserve for those guests who need an additional bed in one of the rooms.

The foam construction of the folding mattress may not be the most comfortable but it is actually designed to withstand numerous times of being folded and unfolded. Another negative aspect of this mattress is that is does not typically come in the standard sizing found in most beds. Folding mattresses are usually smaller than that of a common twin bed so the average set of sheets will probably not fit very well.

You can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $250 for these beds with those at the upper price range being of better quality. You can find better deals on mattresses for sale by purchasing them online. Your local furniture store typically will not have this item in stock and an online store will normally not charge you for shipping this item. Online shipping will also facilitate your ability to comparison shop by allowing you to read reviews and prices of the various brands available. shows the Absolute Comfort folding mattress as getting the best reviews. Typically this particular brand sells for about $250 but you can usually get it at a discount for about $185. For those nights when you need an alternative sleeping arrangement due to sickness or snoring, this American made comfortable foam bed is a great solution.

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